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Choose Copi Copi Taco Copi Recipe Chef Christopher Koetke
Copi Tacos recipe from Chef Christopher Koetke

Is Copi a local wild-caught fish? And other FAQs

To better get to know Copi, we have authored a FAQ page that responds to questions we frequently hear. But for now, let’s answer these first two questions:

What does Copi taste like?
Copi is a mildly-flavored, firm, flaky, freshwater fish. Its place is among the most popular white fish — more savory than tilapia, cleaner tasting than catfish, less flaky than cod.

Is Copi an eco-friendly choice?
Yes, absolutely. Copi is environmentally-friendly, wild-caught fish and is recommended as a Good Option by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. Copi is actually short for ‘copious.’ Copi is invasive to local waterways, and their increased numbers have greatly reduced native species. By eating Copi, you’re not only eating well, you’re doing good by helping to restore natural waterways.