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Rebranding with a purpose

Solving a dire ecological problem through spurring consumer demand.

The Copi brand launch event has spurred excitement for the consumption of Asian carp, attracted significant media attention, and driven consumer demand to buy these delicious fish. Copi brings a brand that inspires and reflects the healthful and delicious qualities of these fish.

With a fundamental purpose to remove Asian carp from Illinois and Midwestern waterways.

Copi Goals from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Preventing Spread to Protect Great Lakes

Harvest efforts in the Upper Illinois River contributed to a 95% reduction in observed density of Asian carp populations below Brandon Road Lock and Dam (BRLD).

Modeling efforts suggest increased harvest in the lower Illinois River by commercial fishers can further improve protection of BRLD and the Great Lakes.

Illinois River Cumulative Catch

The primary goal of the rebranding initiative is to increase demand for Asian carp in service of removal from Illinois and Midwestern waterways, success will be measured using pounds of removal as the key metric.

Removal was projected to total 6,000,000 lbs at launch and increase to 12,000,000 in the first year following. Removal at 2 months from launch already exceeds 10,000,000 lbs, on pace to beat year 1 projections.

Commercial Fishers Market Growth

A wider team is supporting coordination of new fishers and processors.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

IDNR continues to partner with fishers to support removal efforts and improve their livelihoods.